Winds of Wealth Slots

Get ready to travel to Japan and enjoy this interesting country and culture when you play Winds of Wealth slots from the Betsoft software Gaming company. This 5 reels, 30 paylines video slots game will entertain you with all the great animations, graphics, features and bonus rounds. This game originally came out on August 25th, 2022 and slots players love it. This Japanese Geisha-themed video slots game is colorful and comes with an immersive gaming experience with all the Japanese designs. But what is a geisha lady and what do they do? A geisha in Japan is known as a Japanese performing artist and performs music, dancing, and singing while being a traditional host to select wealthy clientele. These Japanese women have a distinctive look and dress in a long kimono, along with traditional hair styles and white mask make up known as “oshiroi”. They usually entertain at parties usually for wealthy men and will also perform dance, music and singing on stage while they are with clients. The first geishas appeared in Japan in around 1751 and have typically been female workers. The training in select schools to be a geisha is rigorous and they are disciplined in dance, entertainment, conversation, music and singing in high profile restaurants and locations. The training for these girls usually starts when they are around 17 years old. Now, you get be entertained by the geisha girls when you join your favorite online casino that has Betsoft software and step in the Japanese world of music and entertainment. Let’s travel to Japan and see what Winds of Wealth and geishas can bring to your life.

Winds of Wealth slots and what to expect when you see the game

When you arrive to Japan you will be taken to the countryside where you will see lots of bright pink cherry blossom trees and Japanese architecture. On the opening screen shot when you load the page you will see a river, small bridge, and buildings. Click to continue to the game and you will see the video slots with the symbols. Right away you will hear the beautiful Japanese music and you will see even more cherry blossom trees, fences and the logo on the top far left. The actual game is encapsulated with Japanese building accents and poles to hold the reels. On the reels you will see such Japanese symbols as the geisha girls, Japanese hand fans, lanterns, cute lucky cats, ornaments, and the typical playing cards symbols such as the 10,J,Q,K and the Ace. The lucky cat is the scatter symbol and they have stacked mystery symbols which are the geisha girls, and they act as the wild symbols. This game looks and plays great on desktops on a popular browser and mobile devices that are on iOS and Android platforms so you can play from anywhere. You still get all the brilliant animations, graphics, and features. Now, let’s show you how to play Winds of Wealth slots and see what kind of cash prizes you can win.

How to play Winds of Wealth slots

As with most of the Betsoft video slots this game is easy to play, and you can get up to speed quickly. The controls are at the base of the game starting with the information button on the far left. When you click on that it will display the symbols and the credits you can earn when you get them on the reels. To the right is the buy feature button where you can gamble to get ten free spins. Then you will see the wager amount button so you can increase or decrease bets you place for each spin. There is the auto play button which you can activate if you just want to relax and let the geishas do all the spinning and bring you the winning combinations. To the far right is the yellow spin button and all you need to do is select your wager and click on it. You can wager between $0.30 and $30 to spin the reels. If you get three, four or five lucky cat symbols on the reels you can instantly win up to 25 free spins. The maximum you can win in this game is 1,506x your bet. Play Now!