Cobra King Slots

Cobra King points to a snake-fest, doesn't it… but is that what we are going to get if we choose to play this slot game? We're not huge fans of snakes, admittedly, but we are going to brave the slot to find out what it might have in store for you.

Reels and paylines included in the Snake King slot game

This game has five reels, but rather than producing paylines, it has ways to win - and there are 1,024 of those in action.

Betting options in play for this game

There are lots of possibilities in this game, as bets range from 30 cents up to $7.50 at most. You can also choose whether you would like to play anything up to 10 lots of those bets per spin, given that this is a way wins slot.

Does Cobra King provide you with any special icons?

It does, with a man used as the wild symbol. Perhaps he is the Cobra King? Either way, he brings a 3x multiplier into play as well. You also have a genie appearing as the scatter symbol. Aside from those two, there is a magic lamp that might also appear, which forms part of a collection feature.

Are there any free games to find in Cobra King slots?

Yes - you need to locate three scattered genies to reach them. It's also where you can influence what happens in the free spin feature. The first time you reach it, you'll play the basic round. However, if you manage to collect enough lamps, you can reach the second version on the next occasion. There's a third version up for grabs too if you get enough lamps to reach it. You must play the three in turn, with the wild features varying in each of them.

Cobra King is a memorable slot game from Rival

Will you try it? It's got plenty to offer, with some excellent features to look for as you play. Differences in the wild elements in Cobra King free games are the best bits to look for. Get started with the practice game to find out what you make of it.