Triple Cash Or Crash Slots

We love slots. That’s why we’re always giving you reviews of the newest and hottest slots out there. But sometimes - like any gambler - we like to switch things up a bit. So that’s exactly what we’re going to do today. Instead of reviewing a slot we’re going to take a closer look at a specialty game, and in particular, BetSoft’s Triple Cash or Crash.

Specialty games are similar to slots but don’t come with the same reels - or rules - of traditional slots. Instead, they’re unique and offer players a different gaming experience. So let’s take a look at Triple Cash or Crash by BestSoft!

How To Play

Triple Cash or Crash is all about timing. The goal is to ‘eject’ your astronaut from the rocket ship before it crashes. If you do so, you’re a winner! Sounds easy right? Well it’s anything but!

First off, let’s take a look at placing bets. You’ll see on the left side 3 separate places - or betting tickets - where players can bet. You can use one, two or all three. Each one has a bet range of $1.00 to $100 - making the maximum bet $300.

Players will have to get their bets in quickly as they only have TEN SECONDS before each new round starts. If you do not get your bet placed - by clicking the PLACE BET button - then you will not play that round and will have to wait until the next round.

Once the round starts, the rocket will take off. The higher it goes, the higher the multiplier goes. This will be displayed in the center of the screen. The goal is to time it just right and collect as high a multiplier as you can before the rocket crashes. You can eject your astronauts at anytime - using the EJECT button. If you eject before the rocket crashes then you win that multiplier on your bet. However, if you don’t eject before the rocket crashes then you lose. If you placed multiple bets you can use the EJECT ALL button and all of your astronauts will eject from the rocket.

The multiplier can be anywhere from 1x to 100,000x, so there you can win nothing or win life changing money!

When it comes to ejecting your astronaut - or astronauts if you place multiple bets - you have two ways of doing it. You can do it manually, watching as the rocket climbs and ejecting when you think the time is right OR you can turn on the ‘Auto Cash Out’ button on the bet ticket. You can then select the multiplier than your astronaut will automatically eject at. Of course, if the rocket never reaches your predetermined multiplier then you lose your bet. If it makes it to your multiplier you win. However, if it continues climbing you won’t win any more money - so picking an auto cash out might cost you some money.

To Play Or Not To Play

That is the question. And the answer is… a rocket launching yes! Sometimes we players need a break from the slots. And we can’t think of any better change of plans than Triple Cash or Crash. There’s a lot to like here - from the large bet range, multiple betting tickets, auto cash outs and of course the max multiplier of 100,000x. It’s going to take some luck to eject before the rocket crashes, but that’s gambling! So the next time you’re looking for something different, test your timing skills on Triple Cash or Crash - who knows, you might just triple your cash - or more!