Ghouls Gold Slots

Did you know that there are lots of friendly ghosts out there that don’t want to scare you, but actually, they just want to be your friend. Well, you can meet one of them when you play Ghouls Gold slots from the Betsoft software gaming company. This classic 3 reels, 3 paylines video slots game will have you warming up to this ghost; where he’s going to show you where all the treasures are hidden in the haunted mansion. But the question still remains: Do you believe in ghosts? There have been lots of stories throughout the years about people who have seen them. Do you remember Casper, the friendly ghost? The show Casper was originally released by a company called Paramount in 1945 and became popular rather quickly. That’s because he was friendly, honest, and wanted to help people, but it was also difficult to find friends. Casper the friendly ghost originally came out as a comic book, but he became so popular that he had his own cartoon, comic books and merchandise. The main plot was that Casper lived in a haunted house and was always looking for friends, but when people saw him, they would run away. But it was in 1995 that he was featured in a major motion picture which was a supernatural comedy- drama using extensive computer-generated imagery. He has also been featured in several video games and has done a few cameos over the years and has a Playstation game as well. Now you can enjoy this Casper the ghost themed video slots game that will have you running and laughing all the way to the bank. Let’s find out more about this ghostly game and see what kind of features will make your night.

What to expect when you see Ghouls Gold slots

You can enjoy this game all year round or if you prefer it can be your go to video slots game for Halloween. The background of this game is a dark night with a full moon and there is a haunted house surrounded by black trees. There is the ghost with a big smile on his face as he towers over the game logo with a green slime typeface gold type. This game is a multispin progressive jackpot with lots of chances to win. On the reels you will see such symbols as the ghost, haunted house, pot with green slime, bags of money, bats flying in the moonlight, candles, and the number sevens. The wild symbol is a stack of coins, and the bag of money is the wild symbol. All you need to do is get 3 wilds on the reels and you can hit the progressive jackpot. This game is animated so you will see ghosts flying around when you hit a winning combination. There is a second screen bonus round where the ghosts are flying around and all you need to do is click on the right ones to collect your rewards. There is a time limit, so you must act quickly to win all the rewards. This game looks great on all versions including the download version, or you can play in our browsers like Chrome and Firefox. If you are on the go and heading to the haunted house, no worries, you can play on any mobile device that has iOS or Android software platforms.

How to play Ghouls Gold Slots

Since this is a classic three reels slots game, it’s easy to play and all levels of slots players can do it. The controls are at the bottom starting with the win amount window, bet amount selector, the player balance, and the buttons to run the game. You will see the bet per line button, the bet max button and the spin button. The bet amounts you can wager range from $0.02 all the way up to $15. The top jackpot in this game is 3,750 coins so it’s best to be playing the maximum bet amount to get the biggest payouts.

Overall, this game is fun to play and if you like Casper the friendly ghost you will definitely be able to relate to this game. It’s a simple game with three reels and the main features are the progressive jackpot, the bonus round where you pick the ghosts and the hold feature for the reels. Play Now!