Blood Eternal Slots

If you’re thirsty for some casino cash, then you will want to suck the winning combinations out of the Blood Eternal slot machine from the Betsoft gaming company. This 6 reels, 30 paylines vampire-themed video slots game will have you coming out of your coffin ready to take your victim. This slots game originally came out in September 2017. If you like vampires, this game is right up your ghoulish alley where the hidden cash is located. And we all know where Dracula and vampires are located: Transylvania, Romania. But it was Bram Stroker who was the author of the book Dracula which he wrote in the 1890’s. It is said that he pulled most of his ideas for the book from Transylvanian folklore and a castle location where Dracula once lived many years ago. They say that Bram Stroker created the Dracula character from a man name Vlad the Impaler or even an Irish vampire named Abhartach. No one really knows. This gothic story has carried on through the years and Dracula still lives on in movies, books, cartoons, and even in costumes today. Some of the most famous movies that were made about Dracula include Thirst, Bram Stroker’s Dracula, Fright Night and more. It is also well known that vampires only come out at night and sleep like bats upside down. Don’t be scared, Dracula now has his own video slots machine, and you can experience this amazing, yet frightening game that could bring you enough riches to buy your own castle in Transylvania. So, let’s head to Transylvania and see if we can get Blood Eternal slots to appear and bring you the riches you thirst for.

What to expect when you see Blood Eternal slots

As you can imagine, this game has gothic and dark presentation, perfect for a vampire-themed video slots game. When you fly like a bat over to this game you will see that it’s dark and lit up with candles like in a dark castle that looks like the setting is in the living room. There are windows, chairs, and lamps in the background with eerie pipe organ music playing to make it even more haunting. At the top of the game, you will see the Blood Eternal logo with a steel, red roses, and a wooden spike. On the reels you will see everything you need to know about Dracula’s castle and what’s inside. The symbols include a religious cross, pint of blood, vampires, victims, bats, bottles, crosses, castles and statues. You will also see typical card symbols like the J, Q, K, and the Ace. The game has powerful wild symbol that can bring you lots of winning combinations. This game also has a double up game which you can use after you have a big win and want to double that win to get even more cash. Even though this game has brilliant 3D cinematic graphics and animations, you can play right on your desktop browser, or you can play on your mobile device if you are on iOS or Android powered devices. Now, let’s show you how to play this game and see how much cash is hidden away in Dracula’s castle.

How to play Blood Eternal Slots

Much like most of the Betsoft video slot games, this one is easy to play for all levels of slot players. The controls for the game are all located at the base of the game starting with the mute button if you want to turn the sound off. Then there is the player balance window, the coin selector buttons, bet per line win amount if you get a winning combination, maximum bet amount button, spin button, double up button as mentioned before, the auto play button for when you want to relax and let Dracula take over the spin button and bring you the winning combinations. Then there is the information button which will pop up and show you all the symbols and what they can bring you for credits.

Overall, this game is great anytime of the year, and especially on Halloween if you want to win a scary amount of cash. This game is fun to play, and the maximum jackpot is 50,000 coins. Play Now!