The Slotfather Slots

Your friends and family will be kissing your ring when you win big playing Slotsfather slots. This 5 reels, 30 paylines video slots game from the Betsoft Gaming company is a Godfather-themed game that will make you the head of the mafia. Winning at this game will give you the status you deserve when you hit that big jackpot. But where did the mafia come from, and does it still exist today? The origins of the mafia go way back to the Italian island of Sicily in around the 19th century when there were gangs in certain regions or territories. At that time Sicily was going through a transition from feudalism to capitalism and in 1860 Italy took control of Sicily the island, and gave away land to the citizens. And it was the mafia clans that organized themselves as arbitrators and protectors of the newly given real estate. Usually this meant families would stick together since they could not trust anyone else to protect the family lands and estates. Today the Sicilian mafia does still exist, but they are lower key and decentralized around the world, so they are not found, but still do business worldwide. It was not until 1972 when the American epic movie classic called the Godfather starring Marlon Brando and Al Pacino, when the gangsters, the Corleone family and their culture became so popular. Now you can enjoy being the Godfather when you play this popular slot game that will take you to the streets of New York where you will be hanging out with those stereo-typed Italian characters. Let’s head to the streets of New York and see what kind of cash you can win when you play Slotsfather slots. This is a US player friendly slot game, so come along.

What to expect when you see Slotsfather slots

As with all Betsoft games, the 3D graphics and animations are brilliant and even the music is just like the Godfather movie with Italian mandolin sounds. You’ll be in the city during the 1940’s, when your black car pulls up, you get out, you will see the Italian restaurant and club. The characters and items you will see on the game are all about the Italian gangsters and the things they like to wear and use. On the reels you will see the animated, 3D symbols that include a burning cigar, black car, machine guns, newspapers, pasta meal, wine bottle and glass, map of Italy, briefcase with money in it, hand with a ring on it, the Slotfather and a gangster. The Underboss is the scatter symbol and the Slotsfather is the jackpot symbol. You can win the jackpot if you get five of him on the active payline. Even though this is a 3D game with lots of animations, you can still play right in your browser and if you want to play on your mobile device, you can do that and still get all the great graphics. Even the narration voices sound like an Italian gangster when you hit those winning combinations. Now let’s head into the Italian restaurant and talk to the Slotsfather; he has something to show you and will get you spinning those reels so you can take home the mafia cash.

How to play Slotsfather slots and win

Playing this game is easy and straightforward. When you come to the game for the first time, it will play a short introduction video so you can meet all the caricatures in the mob. At the top of the game is the player balance amount window, the bet amount, and the win amount. In the middle of the game, you can see the jackpot window and the Slotsfather logo. To play you just need to select your wager amount and hit the spin button to the left. When you click on it, it will sound like a gun firing to spin the reels and a machine gun when the reels are spinning for that realistic sound.

Overall, this game is authentically Italian with gangsters’ caricatures who will keep you entertained for hours. The top jackpot in this game is $5,000 and you can select your wager amount from $0.02 all the way up to $150 per spin. There is a second screen bonus round that pops up with the right symbol combinations, and you will see bullet holes. All you need to do is select the right one and you will get a special reward from the Slotsfather. Play Now!