Quest to the West Slots

BetSoft is one of the leading game developers out there. Their games - and slots specifically - are know for details, immersive gameplay and the potential of paying out huge. And that’s exactly the case with their Asian themed Quest to the West slot. Right away, players will see a beautifully designed slot with an animated background that is full of bright colors and small touches that really bring it to life. We have a light shimmering from the palace, a water fall cascading down from the mountain and tree branches swaying in the breeze. It’s really a breathtaking design. The music fits perfectly with the slot which just adds more detail to a slot already overflowing with them. The gameplay is simple and easy to use and the symbols are all crafted with care and attention. Quest to the West is great looking, but can players except to find riches at the end of their quest? Let’s find out!

Bets and Paylines

Quest to the West is a 5 reel slot with 25 paylines. The bet sizes range from $0.02 to $80, making Quest to the West a perfect slot for every level of player.

Play Symbols

Quest to the West has a beautiful collection of both premium and non premium symbols…

The EMPEROR is the top symbol. 5 of these and players will be swimming in riches!

The WARRIOR is the second symbol.

Followed by the PIG WARRIOR.

Fourth symbol is the DRAGON.

Followed by the HORSE.

And the final premium symbol is the LOTUS FLOWER.

The non premium symbols are the standard TEN, JACK, QUEEN, KING, ACE playing cards.

The MONKEY KING is the WILD symbol. 3 or more of these will trigger the Quest to the West re-spin feature.

Special and Bonus Features

Quest to the West has one special feature, but it comes with the potential of paying out HUGE!

  • Quest to the West Re-spin Feature

This feature is a unique one and is a little bit different than most other slots’ free spins. When a player spins into 3 or more MONKEY KING symbols, the Quest to the West begins. Players will get a free re-spin. Then, each Monkey King symbol will move one reel to the left. As long as more Monkey King symbols appear then the feature will continue.

Once a Monkey King symbol reaches the end of the slot board it will disappear into the meter located on the left of the screen. Each Monkey King symbol that reaches that symbol will move the meter up. If the meter fills up, then a player will win 1000x their bet!

This feature will continue until all Monkey King symbols are off the board or the meter is filled.

To Play Or Not To Play?

That is the question. And the answer is… a big time yes! Quest to the West not only looks great, but it has something for everyone. The bet sizes allow players of any bankroll size to enjoy it, and the Quest to the West feature is a unique one. We like when a slot gives us something different, and this feature does just that - AND still comes with the potential of a big time payout. So the next time you’re searching for a slot to try, look no further than Quest to the West!