Joker Charms – Valentine's Slots

You’ll be laughing all the way to the bank and your heart will be filled with love and joy when you play Joker’s Charm Valentine’s Slots. This 5 reels, 100 paylines video slots game from Spinomenal software company, will surely light up your night and put love in your eyes when you see what this game has to offer you. And this is a US friendly video slots game that all Americans can share the love and have a great time. But who invented Valentine’s Day and why do we celebrate this event every February 14th? Well, it’s actual real name is Saint Valentine’s Day and it originated from a Christian feast festival which also became a cultural or religious celebration that eventually started to include romance and love throughout the world. Then early Christians started to call themselves Valentine and Saint Valentine and would perform weddings for Christian soldiers who were not allowed to get married by the Roman emperor. Now in modern times, Valentine’s Day is a day for lovers and lots of companies in tourism, gifts, flowers, chocolates and events all take part in the celebration even if it’s not an official holiday. Many books, poems and stories have been written by authors and there are even movies like Valentine’s Day that came out in 2010. Some of the most well-known restaurants and hotels are booked well in advance of this special day of love. Now you can play this video slots game full of love and fun with the Joker as your host. Let’s take a closer look at just how much love is waiting for you when you play Joker’s Charm Valentine’s Slots.

What to expect when you see Joker’s Charm Valentine’s Slots

As expected, this game has a main joker character as the image for the slots. He is dressed in a joker’s hat and all in purple with cards in his hands. The background to the game looks like the setting for the dating game or some kind of game show which makes it interesting right from the start. The colors on this game include red, purple, burgundy and there are lots of lights, just like you would see at a Las Vegas casino. Even the music is romantic with a saxophone playing with some sexy jazz music to get you in the mood for love. On the reels you will see lots of illustrated symbols that would depict everything you would expect from a joker’s slots machine like diamonds, bars, bells, joker, sevens, crown, and the typical playing cards like the J, Q, K and the A. The special symbols you need to look out for are the diamond scatter symbol which brings you the free spins when you get three or more of them on the reels. If you get five of them on the reels, you can get an amazing 100 free spins. The joker is the wild symbol, and this stacked wild is animated and will only be on one reel as it expands when you get a winning combination. This game can be played in your browser on a desktop with instant play, or if you are on the go, you can play Joker’s Charm on any mobile device that supports iOS or Android platforms. Now let’s find out how to play this love-struck video slots game.

How to play Joker’s Charm Slots

You’ll absolutely love how easy this game is to play and you can get up and going fast so you can fall in love even faster with this game. All the controls for the game are at the bottom. You can see the question mark button which is the game information on the symbols and what they all mean for credits when you get them on the reels. Then there are the lines selector buttons, the buy features button where you can choose the amount of free spins you want to purchase, the spin button is next to that and then the auto play feature which is great when you want the joker to show you the love and take care of all the spinning for you. Then there is the total bet buttons and wager amounts range from $0.10 all the way up to $1,000 per spin. Play Now!